Mediation and pre-trial conflict resolution

Mediation and pre-trial conflict resolution

1. Initial stage services:

  • Analyzing an opponent in order to detect personal or business vulnerabilities.
  • Providing the client with possible negotiating leverage with the opponent.
  • Entering negotiations with an opponent, discovering joint interests.
  • Organization of a meeting with an opponent.

2. Negotiation services:

  • Keeping minutes of the meeting, fixing proposals and discrepancies in the subjects of discussion.
  • Preparation of protocols of disagreements, establishing possible solutions.
  • Analysis of a possible settlement agreement / preparation of the text of the settlement agreement and further discussion with the parties.

3. Services of the trial stage:

  • Sending the necessary petitions to the court in order to provide a deadline for signing the settlement agreement.
  • Sending the necessary documents to the court in order to confirm the amicable agreement by the court.
  • Closing of court proceedings based on the signing of an amicable agreement.