Legal support of the business

Legal support of the business

During the commercial activities, each company, including IT business, is faced with legal issues on a periodic or ongoing basis. If the need for qualified legal assistance arises from time to time, you do not need to hire lawyers and bear the corresponding costs. At the same time, the lack of qualified legal support can lead to a number of problems and risks in the future. The optimal solution for you will be cooperation with a law firm on the ongoing basis on a subscription basis.

With a subscription service you have not a single lawyer in the field of it law, but a whole staff of reliable and competent assistants who will be able to resolve your urgent legal issues. You do not need to look for a new lawyer every time to solve the next problem, you have the opportunity to get the help of the most qualified IT-lawyer with the appropriate expertise that is most applicable to a specific situation.

Attorneys and lawyers of SBH Law Offices are ready to provide a full range of services for assisting current activities for clients from various sectors of the economy, including IT-companies:

Contractual work:

  • Analysis of any types of IT-agreements, license agreements, preparation of legal opinions on the presence of potential risks for the client and provision of recommendations for their leveling.
  • Preparation of projects of any types of contracts, agreements, as well as preparation of draft additional agreements for making additions and changes to already concluded agreements.
  • Development of a contractual structure for start-up projects, e-commerce projects.
  • Formation of the client's negotiating position within the framework of the conclusion of contracts, as well as, if necessary, representation of the client's interests when agreeing on the terms of contracts with the legal services of the client's counterparties.

Maintenance of foreign economic activity:

Legal assessment of an agreement, a contract for compliance with the terms of foreign economic activity.

  • Consulting on the prerequisites for a competitive transaction (obtaining a license, permit, observance of quotas, obtaining approval, confirmation of compliance, etc.) and on methods of completing a foreign trade transaction.
  • Assistance in preparing documents for extending the deadline for completing foreign trade operations.
  • Assistance within the framework of administrative proceedings on the fact of violation of the procedure for carrying out foreign economic activity.

Consulting on regulatory issues, analysis of legislation (including the IT-sphere):

  • Determination of legal norms governing the activities of the client's company (for example, conditions and requirements for the implementation of certain activities).
  • Clarification of the content of mandatory regulations (eg content of licensing requirements).
  • Recommendations for possible behaviors within the legal margin.
  • Legal assessment of the situation that has arisen (there is a violation or no violation) and determination of possible risks and consequences.

 Work with receivables:

  • Analysis of documents and materials on a specific situation, consultation taking into account the conditions and specifics of the contract under which the receivable arose.
  • Drawing up a pre-trial claim and the formation of an accompanying package of documents to be sent to the debtor, monitoring compliance with the deadlines, and, if necessary, participating in negotiations with the debtor.

Consulting on labor issues:

  • Preparation of draft labor contracts with developers in the IT-sphere (including new legal provisions on Diia City), that ensure maximum protection of the interests of the employer and (or) employee.
  • Consulting on the procedure for the extension and termination of labor relations, including with the heads of companies, with the least risks for the client.
  • Consulting on the provision of labor and social leave, social guarantees.
  • Advising on the procedure for bringing an employee to disciplinary and material liability for a committed misconduct.
  • Consulting on personnel changes in the state, including transfer, relocation of employees, etc.
  • Advising on the procedure for reducing the number and (or) staff of employees.
  • Preparation of documents on all the above issues.

Obtaining licenses:

  • Advising on licensed types of economic activities, requirements for license applicants and the procedure for carrying out licensed types of activities.
  • Legal support in obtaining permits (licenses) to carry out licensed activities.
  • Challenging decisions of authorized state bodies and organizations to refuse to issue permits (licenses).

Consulting on intellectual property issues:

  • Preparation of all agreements in the field of intellectual property (licensed, for the creation of software products, assignment agreements).
  • Legal audit of the procedure for the creation and use of intellectual property objects (trademarks, patents). Audit of the compliance with the legislation on the protection of personal data and compliance with the GDPR requirements.
  • Registration of labor relations in terms of fixing rights to objects of intellectual property.
  • Assistance in registration of intellectual property objects in Ukraine and abroad. Registration of trademarks, patents and support of other issues of intellectual property protection that may arise in IT company's activity.
  • Protection against unfair competition (in pre-trial order).

Consulting on advertising activities:

  • Consulting on the implementation of advertising activities, on the specifics of advertising certain types of goods (alcohol, tobacco products, medical products, goods for children, etc.) and the requirements and restrictions established for such advertising.
  • Development of internal acts of companies on the procedure for the development and placement of advertising materials by the company, etc.

Subscriber services are carried out in any format convenient for the client: in writing, orally (by phone, online, etc.).

Possible options for cooperation:

  • Monthly subscription fee depending on the required volume of services.
  • Provision of services in accordance with the client's requests based on the agreed hourly rate.