Comprehensive business protection

Comprehensive business protection

Internal security:

1. Audit of corporate fraud risks.

2. Organization and support of internal official investigations.

3. Preparation of conclusions of official investigations.

4. Checking personnel for corporate fraud and loyalty to the Company.


1. Appealing against illegal actions related to the registration of ownership of property.

2. Supporting the processes of considering complaints about illegal registration actions at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Representing the interests of Companies that have suffered material damage in criminal proceedings:

  • initiation of criminal proceedings;
  • support of pre-trial investigation on the side of the victim (Companies);
  • formation of a package of documents for criminal proceedings from the Company;
  • communication with law enforcement and government agencies;
  • representing the interests of the Companies in court in the framework of criminal proceedings;
  • support of processes related to compensation for material damage to Companies caused by a crime.